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Social Events


A jolly pot luck lunch was held on Friday, 9th December. Lots of scrumptious home-cooked food, topped off with Tina's famous cheesecake, surely the best in the world. Here, you'll see our President, Vicki Webster, welcoming us all, and especially the new members, or ones who have rejoined recently. It was a very relaxed, festive occasion, and great to catch up with old friends. 



We have resumed our Shared Lunches so members can get together and catch up, share news and meet new people. Our first was on Wednesday, 21st September. Not many turned up for this first one, but we think more will come as word gets around. Although Wednesday has always been known as "Club Day", we will probably have our shared lunch days on different days as well, so more people can participate. It was a very pleasant hour or so, and especially nice to see what the Wednesday group have been doing - producing some really lovely work, as it happens! Thank you to Pippa, Ruth and Cazna for your warm welcome.

Neil Perfect's Tribute Afternoon

On the afternoon of Friday, 29th July, we held a celebration of Neil Perfect's life. His children, Kate (who teaches in the UK) and Chris with his wife and two boys (now based in the U.S.) were there, and they were blown away by the way people remembered Neil, the many stories and the love and affection he was held in. We exhibited many of his works which included several sketch books. These proved very popular as it showed how he worked out various techniques. There was a marvellous afternoon tea, and it was a very jolly afternoon - he would have loved it!  Mayor Bernie came for a couple of hours, and our MP, Terisa Ngobe, popped in for a while. 

Vicki Webster (President of the Art Society) chatting with Chris Perfect.


Mayor Bernie & John Berry peering at the  "It's a Small World" exhibition (no bigger than 10x10cm). Students of Neil's study his sketchbooks.

Terisa Ngobe chatting to Judith.

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