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Art Sale
At Easter, we held a fundraiser for Ukraine, selling Sunflowers painted by our members, and donated by them for sale to the public.

We took nearly $2,500 on the day, which exceeded our expectations. The amount of $2,500 has been transferred to the account of Save the Children.

We would like to thank all those who painted, volunteered and helped in various ways. A special thankyou goes to Jocelyn Hogg who went out onto her farm and picked dozens of stupendous sunflowers for us to sell.

We were delighted to see Terisa Ngobi, our lovely MP, and Mayor Bernie. It's great to have their support.


Tornado Raffle
On Saturday 18th June, we held a Raffle Sale outside the BNZ, to raise money for the Mayoral Relief Fund for the Tornado & Hail victims of that extraordinary storm event in May. Here are two of our stalwarts doing duty on a (luckily) not-very-cold day. We raised $500, a better result than we had expected. Thanks to BNZ for once again allowing us to use their frontage.

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