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We now have a new dishwasher. And it works perfectly!

Also, thanks to a very kind benefactor, we now have a "new" second-hand fridge, twice as big, perfect for any function. 

As you will be aware COVID has not disappeared. Among our members, we have vulnerable people. For that reason, we ask you to consider the following:

We ask that anyone who contracts COVID to please stay away for a period of TWO WEEKS. The latest research has shown that even when testing negative, a percentage of people can nevertheless transmit the virus to others after 7 days. 

Please ensure you sign in the OSH book as you enter the Society’s premises. This is in case we ever need to get in touch with you. 


We no longer require a Vaccine Pass to enter the building.  

Please remember the hygiene rules and if in any doubt maintain a safe social distance.

Before you leave the Studio, please wipe down your work area with the sanitiser and paper towels provided.

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