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R Key Oil Workshop Poster.jpg

A very successful workshop, with 10 participants, and some extraordinary results.

Marilyn Blenkhorn's tap showed masterful command of the medium.

Sam Lewer found time to nearly finish her excellent work.

Thomas van der Klis managed a very high level of blending.

Previous Workshops



Workshop with JAN COX, 9 September 2023

On Saturday, 9th September, a good-sized group met at the Horowhenua Art Society's studio to learn how to paint waterfalls. For almost all of us, this was an entirely new experience but Jan's clear instructions and ability to illustrate her techniques ensured some pretty good results for the first-timers!

Jan Cox demonstrating shadows and water flow to Rose Watson and Sam Lewer

Laurie Carlisle's first-ever waterfall - proof that you're never too old!!

We took our paintings out onto the verandah to see how they had come out - and to enjoy a bit of sun and a chat.

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