Upcoming Workshops

R Key workshop June.jpg

Printing Demo 

On 15 May Vicki held a printing Demo. Twelve people attended and they learnt some unusual, interesting and fun ways to make art using brayers (a kind of roller) and objects, such as leaves, bits of wool - pretty much anything, really! We are hoping that later in the year Vicki will give a series of classes or workshops.

Workshop with Roger Key

On 12 June, Roger Key held another interesting and informative workshop, using imagination and creativity to produce - if not works of art! - plenty of ideas to work on over the winter months. Not sure if Capt Cook would appreciate the tats, but we did! Thanks, again, Roger. It was fun!

Workshop with Dennis Greenwood 

We are privileged to have an opportunity to learn from a highly skilled painter, Dennis Greenwood. If you take the time to check out his work on the web, you will be very well rewarded. His beautiful watercolours show mastery and delicacy. Anyone interested in improving their techniques, especially concerning colour, should seriously consider this workshop. $90 is an extremely reasonable price for two days, although you would still benefit from attending just one day, at $45. We hope to see you there!

Dennis Greenwood Workshop_2022-06-24_151410.jpg